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We at Little Angels Schools believe these five cornerstones will give a new dimension to our Schools and patrons. In this new age of technology driven education, we trust that these five are going to be the major role players, which will give an edge to our students and make them future ready. Alongside, we ensure that each and every individual in our Schools is given an opportunity to evolve and hone their skills.

Communication: is key for continuous improvement and at Little Angels Schools, we ensure that channels of communication are open across all levels within the organization and also with our external stakeholders. We encourage our students, teachers, alumni and parents community to share their feedbacks and engage in constructive interaction to help in understanding their needs, which will ultimately enable everyone to align with the shared goals and values of the Schools.

Collaboration: We endeavour to seek excellence through collaborations between our students and teachers, community collaborations and digital collaborations. We inspire a collaborative learning environment in our classrooms and school campus.

Creativity: Creativity exists in all of us and we believe in giving opportunities to channelize them. We have trust in the creative potential of our students and teachers and encourage them to enhance their creative skills to build a learning environment where “teaching creatively” and “teaching creativity” are given equal importance, which eventually builds a creative learning spirit in children.

Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking is crucial for achieving excellence. We foster critical thinking in the young minds and train them to use their critical thinking abilities in real-world problems in order to become more adaptable to the rapid development of the 21st century. It involves arduous self-reflection and open mindedness.

Character: Character builds Confidence. We instill integrity, honesty, fairness & respect and encourage our students to exhibit moral courage and righteous behavior. Our students are trained to act with sensitivity/empathy to individual differences and cultural background, with the interests and well being of the larger community in mind. We ensure our children are physically, mentally, emotionally and culturally strong and fit.