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A Teacher plays an important role in shaping the destiny of his or her pupils in the class room. Hence the teacher is regarded as the architect of the nation. Little Angels School takes lot of care in selecting those teachers who can be great agents of change. The school employs only the qualified and well trained teachers in various branches of knowledge. The teaching at Little Angels School aims at demolition of rote learning.

The school has around 100+ qualified teachers for a student population of 3000. The teacher- student ratio is 1:30. The upper limit of a section in each class is around 40. The school has a trained psychologist to guide and counsel the students. The lab demonstrators in the science and the maths labs provide practical education to the students. The teachers are devoted to their profession in the school and work hard for the well-being of the students in all respects including their excellent performance in the public examinations.

List of Teachers
Sno Name Photo Subject Department Qualification  
1 Sri. M Venumohan school teacher English Secondary Phd