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Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam

Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam was celebrated on 29th August in Little Angels School by Tarangini Club. The programme started with the inauguration of the food exhibition in which different food items belonging exclusively to the telugu cuisine were displayed by the students of classes 6th to 10th. The scientific essence of all these traditional foods was well-explained and highlighted by the students. This “Food” exhibition was worth laudable and was applauded by the school founder Sri M. Venumohan as the items were home-made and displayed. Students were allowed and given an opportunity to buy these food items. The celebrations of the Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam commenced in the auditorium with a good start with the traditional telugu dance (kuchipudi) performance given by students of Class IX. It was appreciated by all and served as a great delight to the eyes of the audience. It was followed by the lighting of the lamp and garlanding the portrait of “Telugu Thalli”. An article on the ‘Greatness of Telugu Language’ added to the essence of the programme. There was a dance performance by the students of class 10th which added beauty, flavor and colour to the programme. “Even though you learn many languages, you should never leave your mother tongue” said the founder of the school in his speech. The students of 10th exhibited their talent in a heart-touching play “Amma Prema” which made everyone emotional. It is indeed not at all surprising that the students were successful in giving their message as they could connect the audience emotionally to the play. The most successful and attractive event of the entire programme was “Padhyala Thoranam” in which students were asked to recite a “Padhyam” with the ending letter of the preceding one. This event enlivened the audience gaining the applause of one and all. Students who participated in the various competitions conducted by Tarangini Club and displayed their excellence were given prizes by the Founder, Secretary and Correspondent Sri M Venumohan. The members of Tarangini club were appreciated for the wonderful programme they have put forth and their hard work. The entire programme was a grand success which was as entertaining and informative as well.