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Proud Moment for the Little Angels

It is a Proud Moment for the school as Harikamal Naidu of 10th class has taken Little Angels to international level by winning a Bronze Medal in the 18th Asian Roller Skating championship held at Namwon, South Korea from 4th September 2018.

The 18th Asian roller skating championship held at Namwon, South Korea from 4th September 2018 to 14th September 2018,in which 19 countries participated with more than 1000 skaters. Hari Kamal’s competition is known as compulsory figures which were held on 5th September with 11 competitors where Hari Kamal stood 3rd among them.

Selections for this championship were held in the month of May and the results were announced on 11th  of May. He also attended various training camps with Italian coach Barbara Babuin. These training camps were held at Ahmedabad, steel plant (Visakhapatnam) and Chandigarh in May, June, July and August respectively. Went to korea on 3rd of September and returned back to India on 12th September. Hari Kamal learnt skating from his childhood and he was guided by his coaches Seelam, Lakshman and CH.Simhadri.

He met MLAs of North and East Constituency he was also interviewed by Radio Mirchi 98.3FM on 15th September,2018 .  The Management Congratulated Harikamal nidu for his Great achievement at International level.  He will also participate in another International championship in the month of October.