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Some of our school students participated in CBSE South Zone Chess Competition which was held at Shradha Children’s Academy, Chennai from 01.09.2018 to 03.09.2018.  In the category under-14 and 17 (mixed). 

Under-14 Mixed: 

     1. G.Ravi Krishna (class 7th)

     2. T.Somanadh (class 7th) 

     3. G.Mihira (class 4th)

     4.P.Omkara Sriharaha  (class 9th)

Under-17 Mixed :

      1.M.Satya Tejaswar (class 10th )

      2. V.Bhoopathi Sai Raju (class 10th )

      3.D.Joyce (class 9th ) 

      4.T.V.S.Abhigna(class 10th ) .

The following students have performed very well.

Satya Tejaswar of class 10th  and Boopathi Sai Raju of Class 10th .    They have secured 7 and 6 points respectively for 7 rounds in (under-17) mixed category.

G.Ravi Krishna of class 7th  secured 6 points out of 7 rounds in under-14 mixed category

T.Somanadh of class 7th  secured 5 points out of 7 rounds in under-14 mixed category.

The Management Congratulated the students for their  achievement.