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Srinivas Ramanujan, the legendary Indian Mathematician’s birthday is celebrated as National Maths Day on 22.12.2018. Little Angels School celebrated the day by conducting various Games, Quiz, Competitions, Power Point Presentations and Exhibition. The students participated by making models, charts and preparing and conducting various games.

Digital Maths Quiz was conducted using Geometer sketch pad and winners were announced.

Power Point Presentation competition was conducted in the auditorium in which more than 30 students participated from classes 6th to 10th, with well designed presentation.

Origami and Tangram competition was conducted for 6th and 7th classes.

In the ground, Maths relay race, Guess the phone number game, Integer game were conducted. Several games and Puzzles Stalls were set up.

Students were enthusiastic applying the concepts of Maths and winning  the games. They competed enthusiastically with their classmates. Their enthusiasm was tangible and perceptive. Every student enjoyed the day participating, applying and absorbing maths concepts.

The age old adage, ‘Do it to learn it better’ was once again proved. The play- way method of all the concepts, formulae, kept the students completely hooked.

Speaking on the occasion The Founder  Chairman Shri M.Venumohan highlighted the importance of Maths in every sphere of life. He advised students to learn Maths by enjoying it.

He appreciated and congratulated the students and the  Maths teachers for the wonderful show put up in a very short time as they were all busy with examinations till 20th December.