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‘School life cannot be complete without the fun and learning from educational tours and excursions.’

With this view, our school organized an educational trip to HAMPI – a place where history resides in every lane and locality. The architectural ruins of VijayanagaraEmpire in Hampi are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have been ranked second among the must see Global Destinations. The 5 days trip was organized during the Pongal vacation for a team of 100 students from and 6 teachers lead by Headmistress MrsInduMalini.

Students were mesmerized to see the scenic beauty of Hampi, which welcomes you to its world of huge boulders and lush green trees alongside the river silently flowing making its course. The enthusiasm of students boosted after seeing the ruined temple complexes of the VijayanagaraEmpire on the banks of river Tungabhadra. The team enjoyed watching the beautiful architecture of Virupaksha temple, Carved Stone Chariot, Vitthala temple, Krishna temple, LotusMahal, Elephant’s Stable, Royal Enclosure, magnificent monolithic idol ofUgraNarasimha, BadaviLinga and Mustard Ganesha. The Musical Pillars in RangaMandapa at Vitthala temple amazed all as it produced musical notes when struck. Students noted down the significance of every place as told by the Guide.

The 575 steps climb to the Anjanadri temple and the arduous trek to the Matanga hills proved the fitness of our students. The view of entire Hampi and sunset from the top of these places was captivating. On the final day of our trip , we visited Tungabhadra dam. The view of the dam on the vast water body was splendid. Students had some fun time in the Botanical garden playing with their friends.

The trip proved to be a great success as the students carried lots of information about our glorious past along with the life skills that they learnt during their stay.