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Sports is not only the best way to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves, it is an exercise in self-discovery as well.  Be it team sports, track events or anything else, every sport we try has a way of bringing forth the true self.  Inspired by this truth the Intramural Athletic Competition was conducted on 09-02-2019 for the students of classes 6th to 10th.  The day witnessed a great spirit of participation, healthy competition and joy of success.  The athletes displayed their ability, confidence, strength, stamina and endurance in the events like 100 mts Running Race, 100 mts Hurdles, Shot put, 4 x 100 mts, Relay Race and 400 mts Running Race, 50 mts Skipping and 200 mts, Running Race.  145 students participated in the various events conducted.  Individual Championship was won by the following students.

  1. B. Aaruni – 6A (Junior Girls)
  2. B. Steven – 7A (Junior Boys)
  3. B. Sai Hanisha – 10A (Senior Girls)
  4. Jitin Ojha – 10B (Senior Boys)