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Memories of school life are the most unforgettable in every individual’s life.  They give us nostalgic feelings over a period of time.

Students of Class X expressed their gratitude and indebtedness towards the School, Management and Teachers who imbibed them with values, like leadership, team spirit, cleanliness, punctuality, community service etc.  They thanked the teachers for imparting knowledge and making them develop confidence to face the board examination.

On Thanks giving day, the Founder and Chairman  Sri.  M. Venu Mohan wished the students good luck in the forth coming examinations and motivated the students to achieve national recognition and added that there is no substitute for hard work.  He advised them not to be complacent in their work and also not to waste time on social media but to have control over it.  He also congratulated the toppers in the Pre-Board examinations and the 2nd level winners of NTSE 2019.

The school Principal and the teachers wished them good luck and impressed upon being good citizens of the country as they were nurtured in their school life the importance of a good citizen.  They were advised by all to give respect to their parents and elders.