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    On the occasion of National Science Week Celebrations ( 25.02.2019 to 28.02.2019) Science club has taken up number of activities to create awareness among students on various aspects. As a part of it, we invited Dr. J.Sahithi Ophthalmologist working at Pradhama Multispeciality Hospital and Research Institute Limited. With the help of slides, Dr.Sahithi explained clearly  the parts of human eye, its functioning and how to take care of our eyes. She also stressed on  foods which  help in good eyesight  and on  eye diseases caused by improper lifestyle. She has stressed on the important precautions to be taken while studying, watching TV, using mobiles etc. Finally she stressed on  the importance of Eye donation and also advised children to behave well with blind people. The Principal felicitated Dr.J.Sahiti with a memento. The programme was attended by class 8th Students and Teachers.