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‘The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow’, with this inspirational quote the National Science day was celebrated on 28th February in our school. Children of primary classes have shown a lot of enthusiasm and prepared many working models like windmills, solar system, rainwater harvesting, shadow formation, day and night formation, traffic lights, volcanoes, dams, eco-friendly air cooler, organ systems etc. Children played games related to science which show cased their application skills.  Some children did role play on topics such as trees, water, jute bags earth and conveyed the message to save earth from global warming and to save water for our future. Various models of bird’s nests  were displayed  which conveyed the message to save birds and maintain ecological balance.

Children are shouldering their responsibility in protecting their mother earth. They gave  their best  by participating in debates, one minute talk, autobiographies of great scientists, explaining scientific facts and also participated in quiz related to latest updates in science.

Children were shown a video clip related to Mangalyan – Mission Mars, a successful story of Indian Scientists to ignite the minds of future scientists of India.

The science club conducted a series of programmes as a part of National Science day for the students of secondary wing.

On 25.02.2019, Power Point Presentation on various topics like Robotics, cup anemometer, hydraulic parking & many more was conducted, followed by various other competitions like skit, quiz related to science was conducted on 26.02.2019, to promote their effective participation.

On 27.02.2019, the students of class 9 grade visited Atomic Minerals Directorate. For Exploration and Research ( AMD ) of the oldest units of department of Atomic Energy.

From 25.02.2019 to 28.02.2019 exhibits on the theme “Eye – an optical instrument which enables us to see the world around us” were displayed in the Science laboratory and on 27.02.2019 Dr. J.Sahithi on ophthalmologist of Pradhama Hospital, Visakhapatnam gave an awareness programme on defects of vision and also stressed on  importance of eye donation.


On 28.02.2019 National Science Day was celebrated in the school  by secondary students to commemorate the day on which Sir. C.V.Raman discovered  the “Raman Effect”

The session started with lighting, the lamp and  garlanding the portrait of Sir. C.V.Raman. On this occasion, emphasis was laid on objectives of science learning in schools as well as on science policy followed  in the school. A short film on Sir C.V.Raman and exploration of Mars and other planets were shown.

A Power Point Presentation was given by Lohith Patnaik and V.Vikranth of class 9th Grade whose project named “FARISHTA” – an accident detector, under the sub-theme ‘Transport and Communication was selected for National Level Science Exhibition – 2018-19, held at Delhi. On this occasion they were also awarded “Sowbhagyalaxmi Cash Award” instituted by Mrs. A. Lalitha (an ex–science teacher ).  A Motivational and inspirational talk was  delivered by the Founder & Chairman Mr. M.Venumohan as how to inculcate scientific temperament within a child. It was followed by distribution of certificates and mementos to the winners of “Vidyathi Vigyan Manthan – 2018-19 & Chekumuki Science Sambaralu – 2018”. The prizes were also awarded to the winners of the various competitions awarded to the  winners of the various competitions like skit, science quiz, power point presentations, Seminars and many more conducted during Science  Week  Celebrations.

“RESEARCH GATES” was the theme taken up by school for the science exhibition. Many stalls were with different sub-themes like Health Sciences, Horticulture, Energy conservation and Information and Technology were set up in the school campus.

The students enthusiastically participated in large numbers  by hosting various static & working models, displaying charts, posters, performing practical demos etc for the promotion of research in science .

Overall students did an excellent job with explaining complex scientific concepts in a simple manner.