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‘The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals’.

“New year marks the new beginning of life”.  Ugadi is the first day of the New Year for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

On the occasion of ushering a new year ‘Ugadi’ as per the Hindu calendar,  children at Little Angels School have performed a special program on 4th April, 2019.
The programme  began with a melodious prayer song and was followed by special songs marking the occasion.  An article on the prominence of the festival and specially the ‘Ugadi Pachidi’ which is a combination of flavours made the students know the scientific reason behind celebrating the festival.

It symbolizes that one must experience all flavours in life.

Marking the birth anniversary on 5th April, the great contribution of   Shri Jag Jeevan Ram in Indian Independence and politics were remembered.

The Founder and Chairman, Shri M.Venu Mohan has conveyed the new year greetings to everyone and emphasized on the cultivation of self discipline among the children.  The Principal,  Ms. Nafeesa Begum wished all a prosperous new year.

“Let’s all welcome ‘Ugadi’ with great hope, eagerness and anticipation”.