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NCC Orientation Programme was conducted on 27-06-2019 from 9.00 am to 10.30 am,  to create awareness on NCC training and activities of NCC to the parents and aspiring NCC cadets.  A motivational video on NCC was shown giving details of enrolment into NCC.  An inspiring speech was given by the Secretary & Correspondent Sri. M. Venu Mohan regarding the grooming of students to mould them as better individuals and citizens of our country.  He always aspires to provide a better platform for all round development of the students.

The senior ‘C’ certificate cadets –  i)  Cadet under officer B. Hemanth Kumar & ii)  Cadet warrant officer K. Harshini who attended All India Vayu Sanik Camp (Jodhpur) &  NIC camp shared their experiences and views about NCC.  Senior under officer Sai Prudhvi (RDC, Trekking) and Senior cadet G. Ramoji Rao who attended R.D.C Trekking addressed the gathering sharing their experiences.  An interactive session was held with parents to clarify their doubts with Third Officer Mrs. Sakina Begum (Army wing) and Third Officer Mr. Appa Rao (Air wing).