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To build a healthy spirit of competitions and team spirit amongst students a rich variety of activities are organized in the school on every Saturday. This Saturday our tiny tots enjoyed to the fullest by participating in ‘Arranging the beads in the given alphabet or number’ competition. Our little champs from LKG & UKG showed an extraordinary participation and interest performing the given task.

Role play was conducted for classes 1st & 2nd. Children are great imitators. Children had an opportunity to imitate different characters. The objective of this competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the little ones. The excitement of our young actors knew no bounds throughout the competition.

To imbibe the true spirit of learning and enhance effective communication skills, our 3rd, 4th, 5th students  participated in the Extempore competition. The students spoke eloquently on varied topics like Time, Health is wealth, Importance of cleanliness, Our Rich Indian Heritage, What I do to make my school better and Self discipline in ones life. The event  was a great learning experience for the students  as they learned  to express their views and opinions spontaneously. They were judged on various criteria like content, body language, fluency and confidence. The judges applauded all the participants.  The manner in which the students presented their thoughts and opinions was commendable and praiseworthy.