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“The best way to make children good is to make them happy,” is the idea of Little Angels Management.

Children’s Day was celebrated with great pomp and show for 3 days i.e., from 12th November to 14th November, 2019.  On 12th November Kindergarten and Primary Sports events were conducted.  On 13th November the Kindergarten children had a visual treat by watching the movie Little Krishna in their Play Pen.  An enthralling experience for the Primary students, when they watched to the Magic Show, Ventriloquism and Mimicry in the auditorium,  final matches of Volley ball, Basket ball and Throw ball were conducted for Junior and Senior boys and girls.  The students were aroused with sportsmen spirit.

“Every child is gifted and they unwrap their packages at different times” is the strong conviction of Little Angels Management. 

On 14th November, 2019 a special assembly programme was organized which started with a prayer song.  The portrait of Jawharlal Nehru was garlanded by the Founder and Chairman and offered his tributes.  The Principal, Ms. Nafeesa Begum and Smt. Indumalini, the Headmistress offered floral tributes.  Speaking on the occasion the Founder and Chairman said that he strongly believes in the statement that, ‘Tomorrow’s World is built in the class room today.’  He asked the parents to recognize their child’s potential. 

Principal Ms. Nafeesa Begum greeted the students and said that the Founder and Chairman texted a message to the parents, asking them to spend some quality time with their children.

Mrs. Indumalini, the Headmistress asked all the students to believe that the future will be the best if one works hard today.

Devaki Nandana of Class IV-D, a child prodigy in Chess who participated at National Level Tournament and will be representing the country  in Asian Games and Common Wealth Games was presented a cash award of Rs. 5,000/- as an encouragement.

Sri Charan of Class VII Topper was awarded a Merit Scholarship instituted by Mrs. Madhavi.

Tanush Sai of Class II was awarded the Shanti Memorial Merit Scholarship being the topper in the Annual Examinations.

“Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit,” was very well understood by the management.  The expertise of every student was showcased in the Talent Zone where the students were melodious singers, excellent instrumentalists, graceful dancers who had a poise of their own.  The agility of the performers were highly appreciated and applauded.

The Fun Zone made the students flamboyant where they had to ring a target, dodge a bindi, Cap me and blowing the balloons.

 The Food Zone was the most alluring one where mouth watering dishes like Veg. Pizza, Burger, Grilled Sandwich and Ice creams were more sought after and were relished too.

 “Things end but memories last forever,” was the indelible impression in every Little Angel’s heart.