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The Children of Kindergarten were taken for a picnic to Matsyadarshini aquarium and  Vuda Park on 21/11/2019.

We boarded the bus at 9:15a.m.on our way to the Aquarium and Vuda Park, with a total number of 235 students and 10 teachers.

The children were very excited to get into the bus.  On the way they sang song, recited rhymes, clapped their hands and laughed with joy.

We reached the aquarium by 10:00a.m. and the children queued up to go in.  They were amazed and filled with wonder at the sight of the number of fish, of different size and colour.  They watched wide eyed and listened as the care taker explained to them, naming the different fish and the food they ear.

We then boarded the bus by 10:40 am to go to VUDA Park.  After reaching and settling down, the children had their snacks.  They happily shared their snacks with their friends and enjoyed eating in the open, basking under the shade of the trees.

After they finished their snacks they played, games like passing the ball, dog and the bone, ringa-ringa roses.  They enjoyed themselves and developed valuable social and interpersonal skills.  While the teacher kept a watchful eye on them.

We returned to school at 12:40 P.m. and the children happily went to their classes.