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Andhra Pradesh Science Congress Children meet on 28th, Nov 2019

Children Science Congress is a unique opportunity for students to improve scientific temper and expand their innovative talents in the field of science.  This Science Congress Children meet held at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University in Srikakulam.

Little Angels is one such platform to create an opportunity among the students to exhibit their creativity and innovation to solve problems they experience locally using the method of science one such project is SWATCH BIN relating to segregation of waste at house hold level only through automated and manual bins constructed using technology C Programming and this helps to overcome  vector borne diseases and prevents animals from eating plastics.

The project was guided by Mrs.M.Sreedevi and presented by P.Sloka (9A) to our  Honorable    Andhra Pradesh Governor  Sri. Biswabhusan Harichandan , Minister of Education Sri. A. Suresh, Minister of Roads & Building   Sri. Dharmana  Krishna Das & Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University Vice-Chancellor Sri.Koona Ramji who inaugurated the session.  A team of 4 other students L.Harshita (9A), S.Vaishnavi(9A), Sanjana Sree(9C) & A Tanvi(9A) also participated in the programme.

Audience applauded the team about the fabulous idea, excellent presentation skills and very much rightly relevant to the society now.

Students express their gratitude towards the management for promoting scientific skills  at a very young age and even parents for their constant support and encouragement.