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Everyone needs a day off from the mundane routine to relax and have some quality time with friends.  The Little Angels of class 7 went for a picnic on 30-12-2019 to Kambalakonda Wild Life Sanctuary.  Kambalakonda Wild Life Sanctuary has a wide variety of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.  The natural beauty of the park welcomed children.

Children clearly enjoyed their day to the fullest and created beautiful memories to be cherished by them for a long time to come.  The laughter and joy that was witnessed amongst the children was something beyond words.  Children went about seeing various locations in Kambalakonda.  They played various games under the shady trees and ate their snacks with their friends to the heart’s content. The students had a blast when they gyrated on the stage and showcased their talents through ‘Shrills N Thrills’ a game conducted by teachers. Children also shared their experiences, by speaking about the day spent. It was a thrilling and spectacular picnic for the children who were engaged in fun throughout the day.