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Unity and diversity and diversity in unity is symbolic of India’s identity.  Little Angels has been a platform to prove this by celebrating Sankranthi and Lohri together on 7th of January with great pomp and show.  The festive atmosphere enthralled the audience for about two hours.  The stage was decorated with various festoons of these festivals. The traditional festivity intensified the celebration.

Children expressed their fun and happiness by active participation in the various activities of kite making, pot painting, clay models and drawings.

Bonfire and rangoli display were the attractions of the event.  Bonfire signifies the beginning of Sankranthi and Lohri as both are harvest festivals.  A colourful rangoli with gobbemmalu exhibited a village atmosphere.  A melodious song with the traditional dance by the gorgeously dressed girls around the gobbemmalu was the most appealing part of the programme.

A doll show known as “Bommala Koluvu” showing different dolls was the centre of attraction.  The Punjabi culture was also displayed on the other side of the stage with some pictures, chulha and a variety of food items.  Children dressed in traditional attire of Andhra and Punjabi style have made the event very colourful Songs in Telugu and Punjabi highlighted the programme.

Our correspondent Sri M.Venu Mohan and Principal Ms.Nafeesa Begum made their gracious presence for the event.  Venu Mohan sir expressed his wishes and addressed the children to imbibe morals and values and to be good to the society.

The Principal also extended her wishes.  The programme ended making an imprint on the young minds with the feeling of oneness and brotherhood.