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28 January, 2020- A Day to be remembered and dedicated to our Ex-Hindi teacher Ms.G.Vijayalaksmi who has provided 12 years of dedicated services to Little Angels.

To pay respect to the dear departed. Every year on 28 January a merit scholarship of Rs.1,116/- is awarded to Hindi toppers of class 6(SL, TL) and class 8(SL) topper which is sponsored by the family members.

This year the awardees were:

        A V L Varshini –IX ’A’ (SL Topper) ;    Sree Vaishnavi – VII ‘A’ (SL);   Srivani Emandi – VII ‘F’ (TL)

The programme commenced with a prayer followed by an obituary to Ms.Vijayalakshmi.  The audience observed silence for two minutes.  The slokas of Bhagavad Gita were recited which filled the hall with immense tranquility.  This was followed by tribute to Ms.Vijayalakshmi madam.  A song was sung by the school choir.  Then the scholarship were awarded, followed by a message by the Principal Ms. Nafeesabegum.  The awardees were also asked to share their success stories to motivate the upcoming students.  The program came to a close with the delivery of the vote of thanks.  The parents of the awardees also thanked the school Management and the family members of Ms.Vijayalakshmi    Madam for their support and encouragement.