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‘To  extol the achievement of our talented young achievers of Secondary in Academics, Sports & Games for the year 2019-20, the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was held at Little Angels’ packed auditorium on 13th & 14th March, 2020.  The school is so privileged and blessed to have young and dynamic Director Sri. Kranthi Kiran Manga as the Chief Guest, inspiring the young minds to inculcate the sportive spirit, ensuring quite a meteoric rise in the overall development.  The success should be continued and wished everyone to scale new heights and forge new paths for the years to come.  The programme also witnessed classical and western dances by the students of secondary. 

The Director Sir, Principal and Headmistress honoured the winners and achievers with Medals, Merit Certificates, Trophies and Shields.  The winners in academics and sports & games were really enthralled.  Different Olympiad, winners, Inter-House Competition winners and different Sports and Games winners received shields and medals for their hard earned achievement.

The Stunts Club of Little Angels School once again showed their deep compassion to the needy people and donated one Television and grocery items to SANTHA ASHRAM (Amma Vodi Organisation).

The ambience was filled with unparallel exuberance and ebullience when the winners were declared.  The prestigious Winners up trophy for academics was bagged by Green House and Runners up trophy by Blue House.  The Overall Championship Trophy for the Games & Sports was bagged by Red House and Runners up by Yellow House.

Athletics Overall Championship was given away to Red House and Runners to Blue House. Trophies were awarded by the Director Sir to the Principal, Headmistress, Co-ordinators, Coaches and PETs amidst innumerable hues added on to the oomph.

Finally Chairman Sir and Director madam were thanked for moulding the young ones and the staff for their contribution..