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Important Message From School Management

Dear parents/ students

Good morning! 

As you know we are in a precarious situation of fighting against COVID 19 by following social distancing, self isolation and personal cleanliness. Let us hope all of us come out of this situation, lead our normal lives as before. Hope our children are following the norm ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’.
I know you are anxious about the examination results. Hence few details

1. As per CBSE direction,
All students from LKG to VIII standard are promoted to the next class for 2020-21.

2.Students of IX Standard who have passed either in overall or internal assessment in the year 2019-20 will be promoted to X standard for 2020-21. In case they did not qualify, an opportunity for reassessment will be given in the subjects they are not qualified.

3. Students promoted to class 10th may download the Diksha app from the CBSE website and utilise the same to enrich their knowledge in various academic subjects.

4. Since we do not know when we will commence real class instruction, we are giving you the following  link:  for accessing smart class at your home and browsing in your laptop, PC, smart phone etc., 

My advice to you is that concentrate on your concerns in each subject of last class. Remediate them. Certain examples

Basic concepts which are repeated in the next class
Diagrammatic skill
Reading and comprehension drills( very important) to be an effective learner.

On personality side:
Behaviour modification
Improving self discipline
Anger management
Tolerant attitude
Being an active listener
Making a study timetable
Planning a typical day as to be Holistic in approach in life 
Learning some more life skills and hobbies
Helping your parents and teachers in times of need
And any other you or your parent thinks is right for you.

Stay home and stay active
My Good wishes to you all
Your Dear Venumohan.