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“Safe environment with clean water resources and green surroundings are pivotal for keeping good health”.

A workshop campaign for clay idols of Ganesha was conducted in the school on 18.08.2017 from 8:00 am to 10:30 am under the guidance of Paryavarana Margadarsi Vaisakhi an NGO group along with NGC club of Little Angels School.

A team of volunteers headed by Mrs. A. Lalita, Principal Ms. Nafeesa Begum, NGC club incharge Mrs. M. Sridevi and PET Mr. M. Appa Rao along with Art and other teachers and 251 students of Class 8th have actively participated.  

The workshop focused on environmental ethics at the same time maintaining the traditional practices.  The clay idols were incorporated with the seeds of 21 varieties of plants used in pooja, which contain medicinal value.  When the idols are immersed in water, the seeds when fall into suitable soil can sprout and taking care in growing them becomes necessary giving way to plant conservation.

By using clay idols, we are against plaster of paris which increases the acid content in water sources and increase water pollution.  By not using chemical paints, the natural flora and fauna of water bodies are saved.

Children gained first hand experience of making clay idols and then promoting them to carry the message to their families and in the neighbourhood.  It had great impact on their minds and their commitment is stronger now. We need to keep the spirit of the festival intact but not harm the ecosystem by using idols made of plaster of paris.