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“Yoga- The Best way to Health and Fitness”

Theme for 2022: Yoga for Humanity

International Day of Yoga is celebrated at Little Angels School, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam. The programme was attended by our young Director Mrs. Swati, Principal - Ms.Nafeesa Begum, ANO III/O Appa Rao ( NCC Boys Unit), ANO

III/O Sakina Begum (NCC Girls Unit), and teachers Mrs. Vandana and Mrs. Latha.

62 students took part in the event - 25 NCC Girls, 20 NCC Boys and 17 students from the secondary classes attended the programme.

The programme started with a prayer, followed by a welcome address by Mrs.Vandana. Director - Mrs. Swati addressed the gathering on the Importance of Staying fit and Benefits of Yoga. Mrs. Latha explained the benefits of Surya Namaskaras.

Later, the students performed Surya Namaskaras and Meditation. They also learnt two different types of Pranayams- “Anulom Vilom” and “Kapalabathi”.

The event ended with a message to the students by the Principal, where she suggested them to make yoga a part of their daily life and practise regularly which will help them to increase their concentration levels in academics. She appreciated all the students for their excellent performance in the event.

At the end, snacks were distributed to the students.