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National Doctor's Day Celebrations 2022

Doctors are considered next to Gods; they are like Guardian Angels, Protectors for the Mankind. National Doctor’s Day is observed on 1st July every year in India to honour their contribution and noble work. This day is commemorated to show gratitude towards all the doctors who work 24/7 to ensure our good health and safety.

National Doctor’s Day is being observed in India since 1991 in honour of Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy an eminent physician, academician, freedom fighter, and politician from West Bengal. He played a significant role in forming the Indian Medical Association and Medical Council of India. In order to honour Dr. B.C. Roy’s contribution to medical fraternity, Indian Medical Association decided to celebrate July 1st as India’s “National Doctor’s Day”.

The theme for National Doctor’s Day 2022 is “Family Doctors on the Front Line”. The theme highlights the contribution of doctors and expressing our gratitude as they care 24/7 for the whole of humanity.

Little Angels School celebrated Doctor's Day with much enthusiasm to express their gratitude towards doctors for their selfless services and commitment towards the society especially during the covid pandemic time.

In honour of all the doctors, the students of classes 1 to 10 participated in various activities such as updating bulletin boards with the theme "FAMILY DOCTORS ON THE FRONT LINE", displaying charts and posters depicting the role and contributions of doctors towards society, various articles on " Importance of Doctor's Day", a small talk on "Role of doctors during Pandemic", song on Health Workers. Some students did the Role Play on doctors and also explained the importance of good health and how to stay protected from various diseases. Students of the primary classes won accolades by performing role plays and presenting small talks on the role of doctors.

It was indeed an eventful day observed with a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.