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Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi

Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi was celebrated in the school today by NGC club & Science club.The students explained the importance of 21 patris (leaves) and their medicinal values.The story of Ganesha was read out and the idol was decorated traditionally.The school took a pledge to reuse decorations, ban use of plaster of paris idols and not to use thermocol in decoration. They also have decided to immerse the idol in artificial tank and reuse the water in the garden.  Students took an oath to educate people in their surroundings about the value of nature and to preserve the environment for future.Speaking on the occasion Sri M.VenuMohan,  Secretary & Correspondent  extended his greetings and spoke  about the enthusiasm children used to have in his childhood days. Children were engrossed as sir inspired the young students about shouldering responsibilities. He urged the students to have an Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi.