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Poorvi Rajak - India Book of Records

Another proud moment for Little Angels School, as one of our most talented students has made a record and has achieved a place in the India Book of Records. She is Poorvi Rajak of Class 7A. She is a multi-talented girl. She is a brilliant student, very good orator, writer and an artist who is creatively blessed. Her flair for sketching and drawing is visible in her paintings and she always comes up with new and unique ideas to express her creative instincts. Right from her childhood, she has been taking part in various competitions that are conducted in the school or by any other local bodies/ organisations in the city of Visakhapatnam and has won numerous awards, prizes and medals. Her name is synonymous with any competitions conducted in the school and she is always a winner. She has always won accolades for the school in inter- school competitions.


Her recent and one of her biggest achievements till date is that her name has been confirmed for the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS on 23rd August 2022. She has achieved this feat for “Maximum Sea shells painted with different art forms of all Indian States”. She painted 286 seashells with different art forms of all 28 Indian States. These seashells were systematically arranged to form a map of India.


For her achievement, Poorvi was felicitated by the Founder and Chairman Shri.M.Venumohan and Director Smt.M.Ranganayaki  on the occasion of Hindi Diwas on 14th September, 2022 in the school auditorium in the presence of students, teachers and her parents. She was highly appreciated by both Sir and Madam and was encouraged to dream for bigger achievements in life.


Little Angels Family is extremely proud of her success and we congratulate her once again and convey our heartfelt thanks to her parents for supporting her in accomplishing her goals.