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Dental Check-up Camp for Classes 6-8

As a part of Children’s Day celebration and with the motive of promoting a healthy lifestyle, Little Angels School organised a free dental check-up camp on 09.11.2022 in the school.

The team of dentists led by Dr. Gowthami, an implantologist carried out a comprehensive dental check-up for students of classes 6 to 8. A total of 779 students were examined by the team of dentists.

During the camp, the children were educated about common dental ailments especially stressing on tooth decay and related diseases and the measures used to prevent them. The students were made aware about the eating patterns and food choices which can lead to tooth decay. The students were given a summary report of the diagnosed problem and recommended dental treatment plan.

Overall, it helped the students to gain knowledge about their oral health and maintaining good oral hygiene.