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The  school  has always acknowledged  the  importance  of  nutrition awareness  as  an  important  component  of   health education . The School organized  a  nutrition  workshop  for  all  the  high  school  students  and  parents  on 21st,  22nd & 23rd of this month.  The programme enhanced how nutrition education should be linked with the school food environment and at how the workshop is designed to help students to improve health literacy by learning about essential nutrients, benefits of healthy eating, comprehending nutrition information etc.  The 3 day programme was very interactive raising many queries from our school parents and students.  Many interesting questions like “Why do chinese eat noodles everyday and stay healthy?”,  “Why shouldn’t we mix two different oils?”, “What happens when we eat Maggie and junk food” and many more interesting questions were answered by the nutritionist Mrs. Lakshmi Tejaswi. Parents thanked the management for organizing such informative  programmes.