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Children's Day Celebrations

Little Angels School celebrated long-awaited Children’s Day on 14th November. The environment was very electrifying with lot of enthusiasm and fun filled activities. A week-long celebration comprising of a wide variety of activities were planned for all the students.

The celebrations began with a ‘Dental Check-up’ camp organised for all the students of classes LKG – 5 on 7th and 8th November. Similarly, a dental check-up for the students of classes of 6-8 was organised on 9th November. It has helped the students to gain knowledge about their oral health and how to maintain good oral hygiene.

On 10th and 11th November, children of classes 1 -5 enjoyed ‘Movie Time’ and students had a great time watching animated movies like - The Lion King, Zambezia, Finding Nemo, Bambi, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the auditorium.

A ‘Puppet Show’ was put up by the kindergarten teachers on 11th November for the tiny tots of classes LKG and UKG. The wonderful hand puppets made the kids dance, sing and jump in excitement during the show. The show was undoubtedly, a feast for the eyes and the air was filled with jubilation and joy

On 10th November, the students of classes LKG- 5 witnessed the ‘Sports Final Event’ for various competitions and on 11th November, the final matches of throwball, volleyball and basketball for boys and girls of secondary classes were held. The students witnessed a nail biting finishes for the matches. The Founder and Chairman Sri.M.Venumohan along with the Directors were present throughout the day encouraging and cheering the players.

     On 14th November, the school was decorated with festoons and balloons. All the students were dressed in colourful dresses and brought the festive mood. Children were excited to participate in various activities held in their respective classes. A special assembly was conducted to pay tributes to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Chairman Sri. M.Venumohan, Director Smt. Ch. Swathi, Principal, Vice- Principal, Headmistress and House Co-ordinators greeted the children.

The Founder and Chairman Sri. M. Venumohan asserted that the children should dedicate themselves to be promising and responsible citizens of India. He also highlighted the rights and responsibilities of the students. He motivated them to find their inner talents and explore and avail the opportunities to be future ready.

‘Shanti Memorial’ scholarship instituted by Smt. N. Jhansi Rani, a former Telugu teacher, was given to the toppers of Class 2 in the annual exam for the academic year 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022. ‘Merit Scholarship’ award instituted by our ex-Headmistress Mrs. C. Madhvai was given to the toppers of Class 7 in Half Yearly Examination for the academic year 2019-2020, 2020-2021,2021-2022.

   Other than the classroom activities, students had a thrilling experience visiting the fun zone, health arena, art exhibition, talent zone and food zone. The students enjoyed themselves playing games in the fun zone, had a feast enjoying their favourite food items in the food zone. There were fantabulous performances by the students in the talent zone. The art exhibition showcased the paintings and sketches done by the students of our school.

Children’s Day celebrations in Little Angels is no less than a national festival and is celebrated in a grandeur way where all children get to participate in an array of activities, enjoy and have fun.

After two years of pandemic, it was completely a satisfying and in overall a zestful celebration at Little Angels.