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Heritage Tour Class 8

    “Preserve Cultural Heritage, it defines the National Identity of a country”

The students of Class 8 have been taken for a heritage tour to Sri. Venkateshwara Swamy Temple and Ross Hill. In Little Angels school, it is believed that heritage is a key stone of our culture that plays an important role in our daily life.

The children were taken to the temple which was built in 1866 by a European Captain Blackmoor. One of the striking features that children experienced was that it has a small steep entrance or gopuram that resembles a pyramid.

Later, the children were taken to Ross Hill. It is a church named after a local Judge Monsieur Ross who is known to have built a house on top of it. Later, Bishop Msgr J. M. Tissot occupied the bungalow and in 1867, an altar was erected and a chapel was constructed by the Vicar General Fr. Richard. In April 1942, the city of Visakhapatnam witnessed Japanese raids during which Bishop Roussillon took a vow to take his people under the protection made available at Ross Hill Chapel. Magically, there were no more raids over the city any longer.

The director of the shrine addressed the children in the church with special prayers. The guide Mr. Edward James and teachers accompanied the children. It was really an enriching experience. At the end of the tour, a questionnaire was given to the students so that whatever they have witnessed and learnt during the tour can be etched in their memory for years to come.