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Children's Day Celebrations-Sports Final Matches for Secondary Classes

As a part of Children’s Day Week Celebration, games and sports activities were conducted for the students of the secondary classes. The preliminary rounds were conducted in the respective games period.  On 11th November, the final matches were held and it was a day of pomp and splendour. Students enjoyed these friendly matches and supported their favourite teams.

         Speaking on this occasion, the Founder and Chairman, Shri. M. Venumohan encouraged children to take up one sport or a game along with academics. Playing any sport/game helps to develop one’s personality and character to become more efficient, confident and adaptable. He encouraged students to inculcate healthy habits and fitness activities in their daily life.

 The final matches conducted were:

 Throwball for Girls - Blue house v/s Red house

 Throwball for Boys – Blue house v/s Yellow house

 Volleyball for Boys -Blue house v/s Yellow house

  Basketball for Girls- Blue house v/s Green house

  Basketball for Boys -Green house v/s Red house

The matches were kick started by the Founder and Chairman Sri.M.Venumohan by tossing of the coin to decide which house gets the first service. The players were flamboyant throughout the matches. The whole school ground was filled with jubilation as the student spectators of classes 8 to 10 were cheering and supporting their respective houses. After the matches were over, the Management awarded the winners with medals and appreciated the players for their sportsmanship spirit.