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Educational Trip - Class 2

 This was a wonderful moment for class 2 students who attended Educational trip to VUDA PARK on 18:11:22 (Friday).  All the students from the six sections were bustling with energy as they boarded the buses, to attend the trip. Total 218 students, under the guidance of their concerned class counsellors , one PET and a helping staff reached the venue safely. After reaching the venue, students were taken inside the park and under the shade of the trees they enjoyed their favourite snacks and a variety of food items with their peer group.

                        Post snack-time, students were engaged in different games - like throw ball, passing the ball. Students also engaged themselves in dance/recitation and showcased their talent. Few of them also shared their knowledge about outdoor activities. It was a wonderful and fun-filled trip. Students enjoyed the nature, cool breeze and green surroundings, with their peer group. Every thing went on smoothly. It was a wonderful experience for the students to go out for a trip with their classmates especially after a gap of two years.