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Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam

Tarangini- the telugu club of our school celebrated ‘Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam’ to mark the birth anniversary of Gidugu Rama Murthy on August 29. The school aims at conducting such programmes to instill the value of telugu language and improve the language skills among the children , reiterating the respect towards telugu. 
Cultural performances that represent the telugu culture were staged by the students during this programme which included traditional dances, classical songs, speaking in various dialects of Andhra. Speaking on the occasion the Secretary and correspondent, Sri. M.Venumohan said that teachers and parents play an important role in creating a passion for our mother tongue among the young minds. He urged the students to inculcate the habit of talking in regional language in the language classes. He spoke on the greatness of the italian of the east. Later prizes were given to the winners of various competitions that were conducted during the week in connection with the Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam’