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Educational Trip Class 1

An educational trip is a visit to a place away from the usual place of classroom.The purpose of thistrip is to provide students an experience outside the classroom. It creates greater bond between teachers and students .Children's world view is expanded and it is a memobrable day in every child's life.

Students of Class 1 went to Vuda park along with 8 teachers, 1 Physical Education Teacher and 2 ayahs. The children played under the tree shade. They swung on see-saw and went down the slides.In the park they saw many types of flowers.There were Tulips,Daffodils and Roses of all colours. Children interacted,danced and played with other children and even shared their snacks with each other. They understood that one should buy a ticket to enter the park.Children had a wonderful experience of travelling by the school bus.They returned to school at 1:00 pm with the same excitement.