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Inter House Competitions


As a part of Inter House Competitions, Red House has conducted three different competitions for the students of Kindergarten, Classes 1 & 2 and Classes 3, 4 &5 on 03.12.2022.

  1. KINDERGARTEN: “LET’S SORT AND ARRANGE”, competition was conducted for the tiny tots of kindergarten during their activity period in their respective classrooms. Children were given different coloured beads; they have sorted the beads according to the colour and arranged them in a line. The time limit given for sorting and arranging is one minute. There was an overwhelming participation from the children for this fun filled competition. A preliminary round was conducted on 26.11.2022. Ten students were selected from each section for the finals. Selected students participated in final round. Children enjoyed thoroughly.


  1. CLASSES 1&2: “TALK A WHILE” competition was conducted for the students of Classes 1 and 2 during Zero and 1st period. Twenty-Six selected students participated in the competition. The selection of the students was done through a preliminary round conducted on 26.11.2022 by the Social Studies teachers in their respective Social studies period for all the sections of classes 1 and 2.

     Children were given three different topics; i) My Favourite Festival ii) My Family iii) Safety Rules. Children selected the         topic of their wish and presented their ideas excellently before their friends and judges. They were given one minute time        to speak on the topic. Children were very active, expressive and fluent. The judges selected two children for 1st and 2nd           positions, taking into consideration the parameters like content, clarity and time.  The final round was conducted on the             stage.


  1. CLASSES 3,4&5: “ SECRET SEARCH ”  competition was conducted for these children in the zero and  first period. Forty-Six selected students have participated in the final competition. The selection of the students was done through a preliminary round conducted on 29.11.2022 by the Science teachers in their respective Science periods for all the sections of classes 3, 4 and 5.

Final round was conducted in the auditorium where children were shown the shadow picture puzzles of different animals on the screen. They have observed the pictures, tried to identify the animals and later written them in the papers provided. Children were keen and eager to complete first. The children who could identify and write more number of pictures were selected as winners.