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World Computer Literacy Day

A special assembly was conducted on 2/12/2022 on the eve of World Computer Literacy Day. This day aims to create awareness and device digital literacy in communities’ worldwide.  We, the Department of Computer Science observed Computer Literacy Day by conducting a special assembly in the Admin block Portico.

The participants of this programme were the students from classes 4 to 9.  The special assembly was anchored by B. Sri Saranya of 8E. It started with the prayers  by the school choir. Then Sirat Singh of 4B presented a quote on “World Computer Literacy Day”. A speech on the “History of World Computer Literacy Day” was given by Shristi Nayak of 9A. Riddi and Harshini of 5B gave a talk on “Life before and after the Computers”.

A talk was done by V. Satwika and Nitika Varma of 6F on “Significance of Computer Literacy Day”. G. NityaSree and B. Sri Saranya of class 8E together gave some information on “Importance facts of Comuter Literacy Day”. Then P. Akshara of 8A gave a speech on the “Importance of being Computer literate”. A speech on “Benefits of Computer Literacy in the Modern World” was presentd by V. V. Shanmuk Prasad of 8F.

It was concluded by B. Sri Saranya and G Nitya Sree of 8E by giving vote of thanks. The programme was attended by Academic Head Mrs. Y V Indrani and IT Admin head Mrs. B. Indira Sailaja.