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Educational Trip -Class 6

An educational trip offers an opportunity for a rich immersion experience. It is great fun, it differs from a vacation. On an educational tour students experience culture first hand. Students come to appreciate parts of the world on a much deeper level than they ever could in the classroom.

This is strongly believed by Little Angels School, as it conducts Educational Tour every year as a part of Field Trip. The students of Class 6(2022-23) visited INDIRA GANDHI ZOOLOGICAL PARK on 16/12/22 as a part of Educational Tour. Our students enjoyed visiting the zoo, which is the third-largest zoo in the country and also has a biosphere learning centre and a library in it. Students enjoyed visiting the place and learnt about different flora and fauna available in the area and noted down the habitat, food, scientific names of different species of plants and animals as on the display boards and they answered the questionnaire provided by our school. 

It was an educational trip as well as fun trip where the students got to see, to learn, to explore, to live and make memories. The short tour was indeed an incredibly enriching experience for all students wherein they acquired innumerable skills, learnt a lot in terms of History of animals and above all became more independent and responsible in this journey. At the end of the tour the students had to write about their experiences and impressions about their visit. This was truly a precious tour in terms of a learning adventure that created tons of beautiful memories.