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Educational Trip Class 4

Every year school conducts educational trip for students to develop their knowledge and also for recreation. Class 4 students were taken for an educational trip on 19.12.22 i.e Monday  to Dr. Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy's Park(Central Park). The total strength of 225 students escorted by 9 teachers, 1 P.E.T and 1 contingent staff.

As a part of the educational trip.  they were taken to observe the "Bonsai Garden", where teachers helped the students in identifying different varities of

bonsai plants and explained about the plants. They also enjoyed seeing different varieties of colourful fishes in the aquarium. Students were co-operative, disciplined, showed the team spirit   throughout the trip.

Students had their snacks, played different games, co-ordinated well with each other.

         Overall, it was a remarkable trip.