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Inter House Competitions - Maths Day Classes 6-10

As a part of Inter-house competition two different competitions were conducted.

1.Maths Word Building (MATHS ANTAKSHARI) For classes 6 to 8

Round 1 was conducted on 12.12.22 in the class room for all the students by the subject teacher in their respective period. Two students were selected by the subject teacher from each section for final round. Students who framed maximum number of Mathematical terms in 5 minutes were selected for round 2. 36 students were selected for final round which was conducted on 17.12.22. Participant who have framed maximum number of Mathematical terms in the 5 minutes time following the guidelines were declared 1st and 2nd. The names of the 1st and 2nd winners are as follows

1st. : R. Jashmita of 7C

2nd.: P. Jasmith of 7B

2. Worli Arts in Mathematics For classes 9 and 10

The above competition was conducted in the auditorium to develop interest in Mathematics through artistic expression. Students used the geometrical shapes similar triangles, squares, circles etc. to express mathematical concepts co-ordinate geometry, trigonometric ratios using different colours and shades to create beautiful Worli art works  Winners of the above competition are

i) 1st position: Ch. Tanu sree of 9 B

ii) 2nd position: Ankita Todi of 10 A

Winners expressed their thanks to management for giving them a platform to showcase their talent.