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New Year Eve Celebration

  Renewed hope, new opportunities, new adventures, new ways to give and love are the thoughts in everyone’s mind at the threshold of another new year.

To mark the annual celebration of New Year for the year 2023, a special assembly was conducted on 31st of December in Little Angels School. Our school welcomed the New Year with great passion and enthusiasm.

The programme commenced with a warm welcome address and a special prayer song by the school choir. The students from different classes participated in the programme. The school choir greeted and entertained everyone with the “Mash- up” songs presentation. Students of Secondary briefed the major events of the school, 2022; whereas the Students of Primary briefed the major events of the country. Students of Secondary classes read an article on India G20 Presidency as directed by CBSE.  Management gave their warmest greetings to the students, teachers and staff members.   

The program was graced by the presence and wishes of Director Mr. Kranti Kiran, Director Mrs. Swathi, Principals Ms. Nafeesa Begum & Mrs. Y.V. Indrani,  Vice-principal Mrs. N.Indumalini and Headmistress Mrs. Y.Rama Devi. The programme concluded with a Vote of thanks.