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The Investiture Ceremony at Little Angels School was a solemn and dignified occasion that recognized the leadership skills and potentiality of the school's student body.

Held in the school's auditorium, the ceremony began with the National song, followed by a welcome address, Mr. Kranti Kiran Manga (Director Little Angels School) praised the students for their hard work and dedication and reminded them of the responsibilities that come with leadership.

Investiture Ceremony is an important occasion where Little Angels School management entrusts its upcoming leaders with certain roles and responsibilities. They believe that the delegation of responsibility and giving authority to children is important as it teaches them lifelong skills for being leaders in the future.

The main event of the ceremony was the distribution of leadership roles and titles to the elected student council members. Each student was called up to the stage by name, where they received their official badge from the Director of Little Angels School, Mr. Kranti Kiran Manga.

The ceremony concluded with a speech by the Director who elaborately explained the roles and responsibilities to be role models to their peers. He also instilled lot of confidence among the newly elected student council. He thanked the faculty, house coordinators and students for their support and encouragement. Principal of Little Angels School, Mrs. Y.V.Indrani also outlined the council's plans for the upcoming academic year, which include a range of initiatives to promote student welfare and school spirit.

Overall, the investiture ceremony was a resounding success, and the newly elected student leaders are extremely happy and poised to make a positive impact on the school community.