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Doctors' Day Celebrations 2023

 To honour legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was born on 1st July 1882, Little Angels School celebrated Doctors’ Day in the auditorium to salute the doctors and health workers for their contribution towards the mankind.

        On this occasion one of the renowned doctors Dr. G Santa Rao Garu, MS, FICS, FMAMAS (the retired professor of surgery and retired Director of Medical Education of AP) was invited as a chief guest.

       The program began with a prayer and then doctors pledge for medical aspirants followed by welcoming of the Chief Guest and the gathering by Little Angelites.  A video titled "A tribute to dedicated doctors" was played as a sign of appreciation for the doctors.

          After the introduction of the Chief Guest, the Founder and Chairman of the school Shri. M. Venumohan expressed his gratitude towards Dr. G Santa Rao for his remarkable contributions in the field of medicine.  For the unwavering commitment and dedication to the well- being of individuals and community Dr. Santa Rao Garu was facilitated by the Founder and Chairman, where words of appreciation were articulated.

Dr. Santa Rao Garu in his speech gave valuable career advice to all the medical aspirants hailing from classes 6 to 10. He also shared some anecdotes which inspired him to become a doctor. His guidance was crystal clear to help the young medical aspirants to know why they should become a doctor thus helping them in deciding the right path. Students also had an enriching interacting session with the doctor where their queries were addressed. To get medical related experience, he also advised students to get hands on experience which is one of the most effective ways to decide, if a career is medicine for them.

      It was indeed a wonderful educational experience for the students to interact with Dr. G. Santa Rao. The program came to an end by proposing vote of thanks.

      Apart from this event, various activities were also conducted for the students of class 1 to 10  and all display boards were updated with charts and slogans  on the theme  " Celebrating the Resilience and Healing Hands " to acknowledge the contribution of doctors humane service to mankind.