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D.Jishnuvir - India Book of Records 2023

“There are no rules for creativity. There are only thoughts, ideas, and feelings all drawn out on a canvas.”

 Angelite D.Jishnuvir of Class 8 D has made a mark of excellence in the realm of art. He is a self-motivated individual, thus his efforts at such a young age are admirable.

We applaud and congratulate Jishnuvir, his parents, and the art teachers for supporting and fostering his passion for painting over the years. His name is entered in the “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS 2023” for drawing a colourful picture of Goddess Lakshmi on a drawing sheet (measuring 16 inches x 11.5 inches) with ‘Laxmidevi’ written many times in the background. It took him continuous 5 hours of sheer hard work to complete this painting. He has accomplished this record at the age of 12 years 8 months and 27 days as confirmed on 19th May, 2023.

Jishnuvir is a cheerful youngster who loves reading and painting. We wish him all the best for future endeavours.