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Educational Trip Class -3


" The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with your own eyes" ---- Jack Hanna

Educational trips are a way to learn about new places and their importance. The Class-3 teachers and students got an opportunity to go on an educational trip that to two different destinations. The trip was filled with exciting experiences and students learnt a lot. The first place visited was "Matsyadarshini". There the students learnt about a variety of fishes and tortoise, their origin, temperature, etc. Students were thrilled to watch them and recognize the differences, their movements and their scientific terms.

The next destination was "Vudapark" (Smart City Park) where the students played a lot of games, had their refreshments and went for a long field walk where they got a chance to watch different types of plants, enjoyed the nature, fresh air along with their peer group. Throughout the trip, the students maintained discipline and followed the rules. Overall, it was a fun filled and great learning experience.