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Educational Trip Class 4

Educational trips provide students with a chance to learn about a place in an interactive and immersive way. A group of 228 students of class 4 accompanied by 9 teachers went for an educational trip to BIODIVERSITY PARK and VUDA PARK.

The trip was filled with exciting experiences and students learnt a lot. The first place visited was BIODIVERSITY PARK. Students explored various zones in the botanical garden like cacti and succulent varieties, medical plants, ornamental plants ferns, aquatic plants, exotic plants, insectivorous plants etc. Professor Ramana Murthy sir who is the Incharge of the Biodiversity park guided the students and explained about the flora and fauna of the park. Students were very curious to know about the various species of plants and many of them took notes.

Later, students were taken to "VUDAPARK" (Smart City Park) where the students played a lot of games, had their refreshments and went for a long field walk, enjoyed the nature with their peer group. Throughout the trip, the students maintained discipline and followed the rules. Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students.