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National Sports Day 2023 Celebrations

“Excellence is not being the best, it is doing the best”


Little Angels School celebrated its Sports Week from August 21st to August 26th, 2023, in commemoration of the birthday of the legendary sports figure, Sri. Dhyan Chand. The primary aim of this event was to instill the spirit of sportsmanship and cultivate healthy competition among the students.


The school recognizes that games bring joy to students, thus they organized fun games for both Primary and Secondary students, including traditional games.


Moreover, the school emphasized that sports do not just create champions, but they also contribute to building character. Renowned for its commitment to promoting Sports and Games, Little Angels School stood out as a leader in this regard. The National Sports Day Celebrations featured a diverse range of games such as Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Throw Ball, Volleyball, Cricket, Yoga, Chess, and Table Tennis.


The inauguration of the event was graced by our Dynamic Director, Mr. Kranti Kiran Sir, along with the Academic Heads. Students from the Secondary Classes displayed tremendous enthusiasm and actively participated in various activities. The display of charts and demonstrations of Fitness Assessment Tests by the students added to the event's vibrancy.


Moving on to Day 2, on August 29th, a Special Program was held in the Auditorium to honour the remarkable contributions of Major Dhyan Chand, the legendary Hockey player, on his birthday. The event saw the garlanding of Major Dhyan Chand's portrait by Kranthi Kiran Sir, Principal Mrs. Y.V. Indrani, Physical Education Teachers (P.E.T.s), and the Sports Captains.


A notable highlight was the Yoga Pyramid Presentation, skilfully orchestrated by the students under the guidance of Yoga teacher Dr. Jaya Lakshmi. This presentation was accompanied by a song performance, during which students artistically showcased various sports and games.


In conclusion, Little Angels School's Sports Week was not only a platform for fostering competition but also an opportunity to pay tribute to sporting excellence and underline the significance of physical activities and sportsmanship in the lives of student.