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Awareness Programme on Right and Healthy Posture Correction

September 8th every year is celebrated as World physiotherapy Day. In view of this, an awareness programme on Right and Healthy Posture correction is conducted in Little Angels School, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam, for the students and teachers by Dr. P.Sai Charan Varma, M.P.T, a senior Physiotherapist and also the Vice-President of Physiotherapists Association of Visakhapatnam.

He has given a power point presentation on the structure of spine and the causes for deformation, degeneration and he also presented an awareness on how to improve the core strength of the body to prevent deformation and degeneration. He has also detailed on various core postures while walking, sitting, writing and also sleeping.

Nearly 450 students and 25 teachers attended the programme. Mr.M.Venumohan the Secretary  & Correspondent presided over the programme. In the end Dr. P.Sai Charan Varma, has been felicitated and he has also answered various doubts raised by students regarding the postures.