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Picnic to Shilparamam Jathara (for class 6)

'Picnics are not only a great way to relax and enjoy the company of friends but also a great way to make everlasting memories'

The students of class 6th went on a picnic to Shilparamam Jathara on 24.11.17. Around 200 students accompanied by 8 teachers attended the trip. Immediately after the arrival, students were involved in several activities, which ranged from sightseeing to playing their favourite games. The students enjoyed the lush green nature and marvelled at the bird enclosure, sculpted wood works and handmade jewellery. Later students played lots of games and relished their favourite food. Such outdoor activities are organised to foster social skills and peer interaction among the students.Overall, it was a fun-filled day for all the students.