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A visit to warship INS Rajput

We salute our fearless and selfless warriors – The Men in White! It was an enthralling experience for the 34 NCC cadets, student council members and 3 teachers of our school who got the rare opportunity to board the warship INS Rajput at the Naval Dockyard on 26.11.2017 and observe the features of a warship as part of the Naval Week celebrations.The Naval officers explained to the students the exercises and journey of the ship since it was commissioned in 1980 into the Indian Navy. Answering to the queries of our students, the officer said INS Rajput is a guided-missile destroyer. He explained how the radar is helpful in locating and destroying the enemy vessels, it travels at an approximate speed of 35 knots (65 km/h) The students were shown the impressive array of weapons and sensors onboard. Students were also shown the life saving rafts that is generally used in case of emergency. The students were filled with patriotic fervour as they returned from the sea with a new lesson of valour.